I saw this coming miles away XP the Shinigami demonstrates a new power, having the upperhand, but then the sternritters werent that easy to beat and now they have the upperhand and stuff. but then again the shinigami will now have despair but will again somehow regain the upperhand and so on til one of them dies. I was also put off by the offsetting of Yama-Jis flames. And wow everyone seems to hate Toshiro here, I know he got bad fame but why was it again? was it because of the fangirls? or because he always seem to die or because he has a somewhat cocky nature? xP

I just gotta say I LOVE that sternritter who is facing Soi Fon. hes just badass, I love his design, his weapons and the mystery surrounding him, specially since they showed that "eye" shining inside of the helmet. is he a robot? or a scientifically altered sternritter? a dead walking machine of war?