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    Quote Originally Posted by odramek View Post
    What if the So6P had three children? And the Uzumaki are from that lineage?

    Answer is right here, it was explained that Nagato was an Uzumaki and a Senju
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    First of all, I think u guys are undermining Nagato strength. I'll take a mobile Nagato with his six pain. I'll have mobile Nagato with great affinity to all element, during Jariaya training.
    Next, I think Sasuke might unlocked Hagoromo's first son doujutsu, the Uzumaki like spiral. In regard to having Karin and Juugo chakra within him. I would prefer a different path from Madara, since he doesn't have the senju blood but Uzumaki blood or DNA within him.
    So I predict naruto would obtain if not rebirth the remaining bijuu chakra within him. In Madara current state I'll have to say all he able to get is the yin chakra from the tailed beast.

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