- Cavendish blames audiences for helping Rebecca but now audiences love him so much. D Block starts.
- ​Zoro runs with Wicca. Wicca talks about ♧Trebol, ♢Diamante and ♤Pica the 3 Doflamingo´s subordinates. And then they meet Sanji and ​Kinnemon. ​Violet shows up and says that Thousand Sunny has been seized by Jora and it's heading for Green Bit.
- Brook cheats Jora as he is her friend. ​Jora gives back to Brook his cane and violin. At this moment Brook beats Jora. Finally they recover to normal ​appearance.
- ​In Green Bit. Law is defeated on the ground. ​Doflamingo gets Caesar's heart.
- ​800 years ago 19 nations' royal families moved to Mariejois and created the World Government except Nefertari family. Now those 19 royal families' descendants are the Celestial Dragons.
- The 19 nations chose their new king and new royal family. Dressrosa's new royal family is Riku king's family and its original royal family is Donquixote Family.

End of chapter.

By Redon