I'm sure some of you have noticed the little PGP link in my signature, however I'm sure many of you don't really know what PGP is, or how to use it.

PGP is relevant in relation to the leaks of Edward Snowden showing that the NSA is actively monitoring most of the internet communications and has deals with the largest email providers to give them access to users email messages. PGP is a way to encrypt your email messages, or any message and ensure that the communication is private.

One of the most widely accepted tools that be used for this is GnuPG. (Gnu Privacy Guard) It is an opensource implementation of PGP.

Another more user friendly tool is Mailvelope for Gmail. It allows you to encrypt and sign messages right from Gmail. You can simply copy and paste the encrypted text to another medium such as a Mangashare Private Message.

How it works:
PGP creates two keys for you. One Public Key and one Private Key, the public key is just that. It is the key that you would give to everyone in your Address Book, post in your signature, and upload to PGP key servers like MIT's

The Private Key is what you want to keep secure and share with no-one. Users will your Public Key are able to send a message that you unlock with your Private key.

I'll add more to this as I find time