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    Bleach Bleach 549 Dicussion / 550 Predictions

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    Boobs and Popsicle vs Test Driver.

    Fatso and Gust of Wind vs K-1000.

    Well, the Quincy did have a millennium to prepare for this battle, so it is no surprise that they have the upper hand (it's not like Shinigami could have risen their levels too much by training by themselves for a few days, not counting awakening the Bankai).

    I'm wondering what happened with the Medallion in which the Thunder (Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū) Bankai was sealed, because I have a feeling that it is currently within the Shinigami's hands. The question is who is going to use it ? Mayuri's aberration, or Ukitake dual wielding with his own (sounds badass right ? Especially since Ukitake was supposed to have fully recovered before the final fight, which hasn't happened yet).

    So far the nature elements in Bleach are as follow:
    - fire/heat/explosion,
    - water/ice/mist,,
    - wind,
    - thunder,
    - earth/ash,
    - Kenpachi (let's face it, he is more like force of nature than a single shinigami )/raw force and gravity ?

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    Wind eh? Well I wouldn't have figured her to be anything else, but still its nice to see her gain some more power. I wonder if she still left the butterfly mark though...
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    First of all poor omaeda's little sister... i hope she survives and omaeda dies by sacrificing his life for her sake.... its nice that soifon got a further development on her shunko........ i guess its desperation time for the gotei13.... until their trump card appears a.k.a zaraki kenpachi and the arrival of fully powered ichigo...... till then they will feel despair.... only the senior captains to me are going to hold their ground.....others are in big trouble till the trump card and the hero appears, also expect the late arrival of the 3rd force a.k.a urahara and co. to level the field.....

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    so where the hell is Yoruichi anyway? ideal moments for her to make her grand reappearance keep coming and going and we haven't seen anything of her since before Hueco Mundo arc. kubo better bring her back soon, complete with zanpakuto and bankai blazing.

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    Cool chap. I just really hope yoruichi developed her shunko as well. I don't like to think of her as being left behind by the likes of Soi Fon.

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    This chapter...was so close to become really lame. Then the two last pages saved it.

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    Good chap and yeah we all knew that those fights were far from over.

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    For a sec there I thought they actually won and was dissappointed XD But yeah we all knew it was far from over. Poor Omaedas sister, she got pierced by (are those blades?) Also that sternritter is kinda cool, his weapons look awesome a badass mini gun and those extendable blades - appendages. Soi Fons shunko is badass, I love how theyre not the same, since when both Yoruichi and Soi Fon used it, it seemed electric-like. But perfected Yoruichis look like an electric discharge and now Soi Fons looks like a whirlwind. Im curious as to who will end up against each other. Soi Fong ended against the same enemy while Toshiro ended with a different sternritter, who will fight Can Du. Also if the sternritters letters are anything to go by Cang Dus letter is "I" and Bazz-Bs is "H" so Toshiro got a bit of a tougher opponent this time around.

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    Uhm... remind me again how Soi Fong got her arm again? :(

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