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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    ^ The story in the Bible could actually work here, if it was actually followed, but it seems that Kishi took inspiration from other sources, other stories about the Tree of Life (which there are a lot of them).

    Why would it work better ? Well, you see, the fruit was not power, but knowledge, it was a fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil, one could even say that it was knowledge about Yin and Yang (which combined give chakra, as mentioned in Naruto). By eating the fruit, they came into realization and became capable of distinguish good from evil, thus became able to chose between those two, which in turn was later known as "free will" (so technically free will is not one of God's gifts ).

    There are many, really a lot, stories about the Tree, but most of the time, it's actually about one big tree as a first plant that gave life to other plants, from there later then appeared animals, then humans and you know what was the rest.

    The fruit and the bijuu, as well as the proper form that they are meant to take, might be simply the offspring of the Tree in Naurto's story, a new race perhaps that was meant to be born, but humans intervention created a distortion and the like, which Naruto is perhaps meant to correct.
    Naruto ends up being like Jesus, the person prophesied to come but ends up dying to save shinobi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    Naruto ends up being like Jesus, the person prophesied to come but ends up dying to save shinobi.
    Well, it is said that the design of cross, actually came from trees that lost their leafs and whose branches were spread mainly in 3 directions (up, left and right), thus creating an image of a cross (that is why the lower part of the cross is usually longer than the rest of it). The current Shinju is without leafs, it's already vertically spread, so if it's going to also spread horizontally, then Naruto being crucified on it isn't out of the question.

    The way how the Tree's branches moves like Snakes and Dragons is similar to the same legends that inspired the creation of Zetsuen no Tempest. Basically, it's about that Dragons, were actually Sentient Trees of God-like Powers, heck we even see a Wood Dragon in this series . An important dragon-snake to mention, that is connected to it, is Ouroboros, the symbol of infinity and alchemy, a creature that eats it's own tail. This might be a reference to the Fruit sucking dry the Tree (or tree eating it's fruit, like Ouroboros eats it's own tail), so that it latter reborns as a new Tree. The fact that the Fruit appears each millennium, might have been simply the Tree's cycle of death and rebirth, or if one prefer, perhaps more like an act of shedding it's skin.
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    It's not clear that there is a God in Narutoverse. The highest power seems to be a tree that turns into a one eyed monster. LOL!

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    Kishimoto really seems to like to link his own mythology with actual real world mythology which is very interesting. I think its also interesting to note that the Sage's mother, Kaguya has the same name as Princess Kaguya from the Tale off the Bamboo cutter. In the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, Kaguya is from the moon, and the moon plays a very significant role to the story. I think it is also interesting to note that in the story of Kaguya she had 5-princess as suitors and also the Emperor but she rejected them all. Yet obviously Kishimoto is not following that story closely.

    It is interesting how Kishimoto now seems to be mixing elements of Japanese legend with western. One thing I find really interesting is that Kishimoto always manages to tie legends into his story but he usually doesn't follow those legends precisely, but still, if we examine those mythologies we can find hints about the story.

    I think it is very interesting to note that Yamata-no-Orochi and the Serpent from the bible were both very important to the story. Yet I think it is also interesting to note that we still haven't seen many of the elements from Yamata-no-Orochi's story in Orochimaru's story as of yet. We have seen Orochimaru's Hydra technique, which resembles Yamata-no-Orochi's body but is much less impressive. In the story Yamata-no-Orochi's body is said to span 8 valleys and 8 hills. Its eyes are like winter cherries or bright red, on its body grows moss, cypress, and coniferous trees, and its body is constantly swollen and inflamed. The both the scale and appearance of this creature sound more like a mix between the Juubi and the Hydra. Or at least a Hydra mixed with Hashirama's power. I thought it was also interesting to note that Yamata no Orochi has red eyes (perhaps sharingan). We already know that Danzou learned about using Hashirama's cells to empower many sharingan's from Orochimaru. Another interesting part of the legend is that although Susanoo used the Totsuka Sword to cut off all of Yamata-no-Orochi's heads, the sword broke when he attempted to cut off one of its tails and that is where he found the Kasunagi sword that became one of the 3 great treasures. He offered the great sword to Amaterasu.

    I think this story might be a hint about what could happen in Orochimaru's story. As we have already seen Orochimaru took one of the Zetsu bodies, likely giving him Hashirama's cells. Since Orochimaru knows the location of Obito's base, I think that he will go there and steal a lot of Madara and Obito's research and supplies. We already know that Kabuto was able to strengthen Manda with his power, so I suspect that Orochimaru will be able to do something similar. I think Orochimaru's final form will resemble the Yamata-no-Orochi of legend. I think Sasuke will eventually have to fight and kill the Yamata no Orochi and when he does he will discover the Kasunagi Sword but the sword will be stronger than ever before because it was transformed by all of the changes Orochimaru made to his body. The sword will become endowed with Natural energy. Sasuke will then pair the sword with Amaterasu (the sword was offered to Amaterasu in the legend). With the new sword of Kasunagi paired with Amaterasu Sasuke will have a new weapon that will be ideal for fighting against the Juubi and whoever the Juubi's Jinnchuuriki might be. Or something along those lines.

    I also think that it is interesting that the Sage beasts have never really been mentioned in any of the legends so far. We have been given explanations for the origins of Chakra, the Bijuu, the Juubi, the Rikudou and many of the known bloodlines but so far there is no explanation at all about where the Sage beasts come from and what their role is in the world besides sitting around waiting to be summoned. I really think that those creatures must have an important role in the story. The Great Toad Sage seemed to possess a great deal of knowledge and I suspect that is true of many of those creatures. So what is there role in all of this? I am also wondering if it is tied to the God Tree's fruit. Madara said that the God Tree creates a fruit every Millennium be he also said he doesn't really understand the story and doesn't know what the fruit was for. Kurama said that the Juubi is the progenitor of the world. Perhaps the Juubi's fruit is actually a source of creation. Perhaps the fruit creates living things, maybe that is why it was so horrible that Kaguya ate the fruit. Perhaps that fruit was meant to create another living thing, perhaps another species or something but by eating the fruit Kaguya destroyed that creation. I think it is interesting that the God Tree seemed totally peaceful until Kaguya ate the fruit but when she ate it the God Tree transformed into a horrible monster.

    I don't think the God Tree is evil I think it is a source of creation that was trying to protect creation by transforming into a monster. Its a bit like the Great Forest Spirit in Princess Mononokee. The Great Forest Spirit was a peaceful creature that helped the forest grow and provided balance by giving and taking life. Yet it also became a horrific monster when its head was taken. Obviously the story is a bit different but I think there are some major parallel's. The God Tree became a monster but it was ultimately imprisoned so the cycle of creation was never truly restored it was stopped. I have always felt that the idea of everyone trying to become the Rikudou was a bit odd since a huge part of the story has been the new generation bettering the old, learning from their mistakes. So far the Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo, has been portrayed as the ultimate being. He seemed to been worlds more powerful than any known character and he also seemed to be incredibly wise. Yet, I suspect that ultimately he failed. He imprisoned the Juubi and divided its power among more manageable monsters but he never restored the cycle of creation and never managed to end the cycle of violence that his mother attempted to stop. From what we know the world has always been at war, and even after Hashirama created the village structure, to end the violence it just changed the way that wars were fought. I have always wondered how Naruto would end the cycle of war and I think that restoring the God Tree and restarting the cycle of creation could help that process dramatically.

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