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^ The story in the Bible could actually work here, if it was actually followed, but it seems that Kishi took inspiration from other sources, other stories about the Tree of Life (which there are a lot of them).

Why would it work better ? Well, you see, the fruit was not power, but knowledge, it was a fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil, one could even say that it was knowledge about Yin and Yang (which combined give chakra, as mentioned in Naruto). By eating the fruit, they came into realization and became capable of distinguish good from evil, thus became able to chose between those two, which in turn was later known as "free will" (so technically free will is not one of God's gifts ).

There are many, really a lot, stories about the Tree, but most of the time, it's actually about one big tree as a first plant that gave life to other plants, from there later then appeared animals, then humans and you know what was the rest.

The fruit and the bijuu, as well as the proper form that they are meant to take, might be simply the offspring of the Tree in Naurto's story, a new race perhaps that was meant to be born, but humans intervention created a distortion and the like, which Naruto is perhaps meant to correct.
Naruto ends up being like Jesus, the person prophesied to come but ends up dying to save shinobi.