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So its just multiple walls of thin ice with a vacuum inside to snuff out the fire? Well then just keep firing attacks till all the walls melt down, shouldn't be that hard to beat him. But knowing Hitsugaya he probably already knows this will happen and is planning a counter to it, I wonder if he could make a ice shell around that guy and then vacuum him to death lol. I also want to see one of the Quincy use shadows to "teleport" around, just disappearing in the shadow and reappearing somewhere else, would be an amazing fight. If we go by the alphabet and determine strength for these guys that way then The Heat is only 8th in power. Hmmmmmmm
If one wielded the overwhelming power of Zanka no Tachi, then of course that wall wouldn't be enough (if it's really like sun, then vacuum certainly isn't enough to stop it). I would like to think that Hitsugaya was preparing his strategies in order to counter Yamamoto's Bankai, or at the very last a high level fire users.

From the looks of it the "D"(imension?) Quincy is extensively using it (his armor is covered with black holes, perhaps portals) and he currently is in Kurotsuchi's laboratory, plus he seems to be the only one to freely manipulate them (like the moment he interrupted Hashvalt's and Bazz-B's quarrel.

Not quite, there can be multiple people holding the same letter/shrift, like Bach and Uryu, some of the SR girls also had letters that some males had, from what I remember. From the looks of it, the Old Man Gunner might also hold quite a high letter, seeing as he was the only SR shown to fluidly transform in and out of his Holy Form during heated battle. In other words, there can be even more than 10 individuals above Bazz-B.

It's probably also safe to assume that all SR of "J" and above can probably enter into their Complete Holy Forms.