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I've heard of a man crush but Bartolomeo is straight homo for Luffy lol

I'm liking this chapter, Mihawk was right about Luffy the guy is picking up alliances left and right, his going to become an unstoppable force.
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Oh, Caribou. Glad to see you showing some courage with that 210 million beri bounty, but this attack against Scotch is not going to end well for you...

Great chapter! Another one of those where Oda perfectly blends action, seriousness, comedy, and pain together, thereby creating plot development, tension, and anticipation for further chapters. Damn Bartolomeo! I hated you before and now I hate you even more with your homoerotic obsession! How cruel will you get when even Luffy expresses you're too much for him?! Haha love it! The interaction of Burgess, BB and Luffy was great as well. Loving the beard on BB!

I'm torn between how I feel about the Happou Navy coming under Luffy's control. I understand he's going to need more man power to essentially rule the world as Pirate King and to enforce his protection, but I've been a long-time advocate for the SHs remaining a power crew that conquers the world without official allies. Don't get me wrong, love the idea of Luffy finally starting to get official allies like Whitebeard had and Shanks, Kaido, BB and Big Mom undoubtedly do have as well; it shows how influential and powerful he's becoming. I don't want, though, the SHs to be split up like WB and BB's crews, with divisions and commanders. Keep it like Shanks' with a main crew whose allies come when needed. I'm fine with this set up.

As far as Rebecca goes, looks like we're headed toward a sad back story, which reinforces my presumption that she, of all characters in this arc, may become the next SH. Not sure how dark a back she'll have, but if she's a prisoner and her father very well may be Kyros in disguise as Ricky, then it has to be pretty damn bad for her to want to kill Doflamingo. Besides that, she has the "build" that SH girls usually have, the unique look and fighting style (which I assume is more classical, brute-strength swordsmanship), and the typical attention Luffy usually gives characters he wants as crew members. Aside from her dream, which I have no idea as to what it could be, she seems like a possible canidate. Add in Luffy wants Ace's power to go to someone he trusts, and Rebecca wants to become more powerful and willingly would eat the Mera Mera to do so, and we have a perfect setup. She does look a bit like Nami though, some panels more than others. If she joins hopefully Oda will adjust her look like he did with Vivi. Better yet, bring back Monet and have her join; problem solved.
Who's Monet again?