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That's not what what As Nodt said, he said, "There is no way you can win against your bankai using your shikai" right after Byakuya took a swing at him with his zanpakuto. Also given what we just saw, Hitsu using his zanpakuto's ice powers, clearly shows that they can still use their shikai. If they could not even use their shikai, then their zanpakutos would undoubtedly revert back into plain asauchi and look like every other generic zanpakuto that has not yet achieved shikai. That is clearly not the case looking at Byakuya's and Hitsu's zanpakutos.

Saying Hitsu used some kind of ice element techinque on his own makes no sense either, it has always been shown that there are some zanpakuto that have elemental power, the zanpakutos were always the medium for those powers, not the shinigami themselves. And the zanpakuto were always in at least shikai.
Isn't that a misconception coming from the Quincy ? Byakuya's Shikai looks exactly the same as his Asauchi (do they even know about Asauchi ?) when it doesn't do the flower attack (which Byakuya wasn't using after his Bankai was stolen, probably because he no longer could, after all the scattering attack did inflict damage at the beginning so using it again to check out why it did damage would have been very reasonable, which didn't happen).

There is also a possibility that this is a mistranslation, because if you look at the panels, As Nodt might have been talking to Renji at one point, since in one translations he talks down to Byakuya that he couldn't win against his Bankai, then there is a pause the "..." and then he say with your Shikai and we see As Nodt turning towards Renji that is already in the air trying to use his Shikai to strike As Nodt, which As Nodt blocks with his arm on one side and Bankai on the other. He might even be saying that while looking at Renji's shadow:

So basically, the conversation might have been like this:
- As to Byakuya - you can't win against your own Bankai...
- As to Renji - ...with just your Shikai...

The way the Japanese language works, translating that part wrongly seems very probable. The pause in there does suggests a certain shift in conversation.