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YES! It's been too damn long but it's back and this chapter kicked ass. G3uk3fq.png

It's also good to see Toshiro has improved SO much to be able to block that Stern Ritter's assault with his shikai considering he was getting demolished with a Bankai before. He looks smooth and calm, as he always should given the depth of his character. Rangiku looking delectable as always.
No, he shouldn't posses his Shikai anymore, after all they took the "whole" thing, so naturally, there is no way for him to use a "part" of it any longer. At least that's how it should have been.

It's possible that he used an ice barrier spell, or gathered his ice elemental reiatsu on the tip of his blade and swung it forward, like that attack that everyone can use, but with an added element to it. After all, what he was brushing up recently was Swordsmanship/Kenjutsu/Kendo, so almost certainly we will witness some Sword Techniques, instead of Zanpakutou Techniques, plus some Demon Magic/Kidou too.

I wonder if Rangiku has mastered a Bankai... now that I think about it, beside the two women in the Royal Guard, the only women in bleach that obtained Bankai was Unohana... is it sexism ;P ? Nah I'm joking since Rukia most likely will come with a Bankai of her own.

I'm wondering if perhaps that bath isn't one of Kirinji's or Urahara's, or some other kind of special thing:

seems pretty important since it's one of the few things that didn't disappear.

Don't worry guys, back up is already on the move and with a Bankai-stealing Blocker , a few Resurrections, a Bankai, a Full Fullbring, some Hollow Masks and that other things, kukuku.

Don't worry again, since another one is probably coming from above .

Yep this might be pretty sweet. I guess the SR will need to start loosing at some point so that Uryu could have shown his power to everyone rightfully.