Looks like Kishimoto is dead set on Keeping Naruto as a BaaKaa (Idiot), However he's an Idiot with a Big Heart, Great Ninja Skills, Incredible Chakra, and Spot On Instincts. I have to now agree with others who have drawn similarities to Goku, except that Naruto has deeper feellings than Goku ever did.

The are two Bright spots in this BAAKAA-rization of Naruto:

1) Tobirama observed that Naruto is idiotic....LIKE HASHIRAMA, well if I were to be an idiot, I'd say that is great company to be compared with, On top of that Tobirama also said that Naruto might ned up a greater Hokage than Hashirama. This is very very important for the story, and it explains why Tobirama, Hashirama, and Minato were Edo-Tensei-ed to life. Tobirama is the Narator and critical but objective observer. Hashirama is the current reigning Greatest Hokage, he's here to witness and endorse the passing of the Crown-Title to Naruto. Finally Minato brings in the propoer emotional context to Naruto's development, a proud father admiring and admonishing his son to acheive destiny and greatness.


I see, you're more stupid than my brother


You might even become a better hokage than my brother

2) The second Point/bright spot is that Naruto has an unexpected ally. The Kyuubi who was once thought of as an evil hateful demon Fox, is actually a very inteligent and observant Chap. Naruto has inside him an ancient creature with a great deal of power, and as it turns out, wisdom too. This aspect of Kurama was first hinted here (maybe not first, but close):


Here Kakashi makes an Observation about the Kyuubi

And Here:

Kyuubi Has great powers of Observation

So to summarize Naruto is no ordinary Idiot, he is an Idiot of exceptionally good company. On top of this, Naruto has a powerful, smart, and reliable partner inside him..The Kyuubi.

Finally, The Intro to Sage-Kyuubi mode was something underpowering. Naruto did not turn into SO6P or gain a Rinnegan, However, I feel that there is a LEVELU-2 several chapters around the corner. This is consistent with Kishimoto's writting style, he won't just give it all away in one go on the first try.

If Naruto and Kurama acheive a whole new level of powers through Sage Mode, Pa toad will not be involved, although I gues he could give them clues on using Sage Mode since he has far more experience than Naruto or Kurama, but as I see and have bee calling it, Naruto cannot simple Absorb some Natural energy same as he always did, in the same quantities as he always had. In order for him and Kurama to be a real threat, and to attain SO6P level, they have to involve ALL of Kurama's Chakra, in effect, Kurama Must Become A Sage. When this happens then everything will change. However I don't expect it to happen soon, the story has a long way to go and Kishi won't pull out his trump Card this early.