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He is already in Full Bijuu Mode. Kurama and Naruto's Bijuu mode is Unique because he doesn't turn into the Kyuubi entirely.

Anyway this sage Kurama mode is a bit underwhelming because Kurama's power was not Increased or Amplified in any way, and Obito could still fend it off, but could not cancel it.

I guess/hope that there is a Levelu-2 Sage-Bijuu Mode, as I have been Arguing and hoping for Kurama to Consume Sage energy while Naruto absorbs it while moving and then the two can use the exponential increase in Sage energy (from absorbing it while moving) to reach a whole new level. The Other possibility is for Naruto to use Kurama's entire power/chakra to Ballance Sage Mode energy. Problem is that Naruto can not contain (in my opinion) all that Natural Energy in his human body. Kurama still has to contain and channel it somehow.

Oh, well yea, appearance wise. I just believe something nice will happen when he becomes reunited with his other half. It will almost be like Bijuu Modes squared, chakra wise (In theory anyway) As for the fusion, I think we all hope some new abilities will come forth, instead of just Rasengan+, and some crazy eyes lol