- Cavendish keeps attacking Luffy.

- Chinjao thanks Luffy with a headbutt but destroys floor accidentally. Chinjao wants his grandchildren's generation to join Mugiwara crew.

- Bartolomeo became Luffy's super fan after he saw Luffy survive a lightning strike in Loguetown.

- Rebecca helps Luffy to escape from Cavendish and Chinjao.

- Burgess and Blackbeard talks to each other by Den Den Mushi. Burgess tells Blackbeard that he dones't trust Aokiji. And then Luffy passes. Luffy says he won't give Ace's power to Blackbeard.

- In the End. Rebecca tries to kill Luffy but fails. Rebecca wants to get more opportunities to eat Mera Mera no Mi because she wants to beat Doflamingo and protect Toy Soldier.

End of chapter