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    Do you all imideatly watch the episode when it's out?

    I always can't wait before it's out, but mayby it's just better to not watch them, and wait until the anime ended, and than watch him totally. I am sick of waiting another week. The anime is just too good, to wait for one week.

    what do you rather want, being sick of waiting or wait a long time(you forget about bleach) and than watch him when the anime is done. I mean, look at one piece, it is from 2000, and still not done. Bleach will take 4 years before it's totally done.

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    you sound pretty addicted to me, go get some counselling.

    and i hardly watch the anime at all. manga > anime
    Quote Originally Posted by CiTo_Uchiha View Post
    Kishi says:

    Uchiha = God

    Uzumaki = Shit

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    I basically don't really care all that much. I'll just watch the anime when it's not in fillers to see the stuff from the manga animated and colored and help me better understand whats going on.

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    It depends... I mean, it depends on the mood I have those days... there are times during which I wait until every chapter or episode to be released and watch it inmediately... and there are months when I don't really care about it and I watch 2 or 3 episodes of anime of different series in the whole month.

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    I watch the ep. as soon as it comes out, since Bleach isn't the only anime I watch, if I don't get it as soon as then I'd be stuck trying to dl a whole bunch of crap at the same time.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    I also try to watch the episodes as soon as they air -
    Naruto Shippuuden Direct D/L (Entire AVI Series)

    Bleach Episodes Direct D/L (Entire AVI Series)

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    Depends on my mood. Usually I wait for at least 10 episodes to air before I watch anything. Same goes for manga I like reading/watching in batches. Otherwise I let it just build up until I say,"Well damn, I think it's about time I watch/read this."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archiel View Post
    I watch the ep. as soon as it comes out, since Bleach isn't the only anime I watch, if I don't get it as soon as then I'd be stuck trying to dl a whole bunch of crap at the same time.
    Do you never watch anime that's not currently airing, then? There's a bunch of really great animes from 90s or, at least, before 2005 that everybody must watch.

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    normally i watch the ep within a few hours.
    since i know the story (manga) i don't really care if i have to wait a week for the next ep. so i'm not waiting until i have a few eps and then watch 'em all at once.

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    yep, pretty much, I'm addicted, I'd really rather just wait a month and then watch a chunk of awesomeness, but when you've had enough of all your friends, tv suxs, you've already worked out to your limit, and theres no homework, anime is there to fill the void

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