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    I disagree with some earlier posters. I really LOved this chapter..A whole Lot.

    Agree with : BLUNTMAN, KUROHIKARi, Dragonzypher.

    1) It was emotionally reaffirming for Naruto and Minato, allowing the self-doubts of the 4th to be assuaged.

    2) A torch was passed from Minato to Naruto, and the Second Hokage acknowledges Minato's skill.

    3) We get a glimpse of How much chakra Hashirama had

    4) Makes you wonder whether Minato will remain in the battle much longer. I am guessing he will transfer the Complete kyuubi to Naruto (assuming he hasn't already), and he may soon dissappear to be with Kushina.

    5) I hope Minato has the time to share his lineage with Naruto before he dissappears. Hope Kurama has a lot of chakra left over after this current sharing.

    6 Even if Obito stays inside the Barrier, the Hirashin users can get at him.

    The 5 kages should arrive soon. Hope there is a relationship between Minato and Tsunade. I strongly think the pace is just fine. I want to savour every last chapter and every last revelation left in the Manga, and I don't want it to be rushed at all.

    Hope Sasuke gets to fight Obito next.
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