​- Don Chinjao recovers from Luffy's attack and talks to Luffy. He despises Luffy very much.
- ​​​​Don Chinjao´s flashback begins. His head was pointed originally. He looks like Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants.
- His family had a frozen island with a huge treasure under the ice. The ice can opened only by with his headbutts.
- Garp and Don Chinjao fought. Garp´s punch deformed Don Chinjao head, because of this he couldn´t smash the ice and get the rest of treasure.
- Back to the Present. Luffy attacks Don Chinjao with Elephant Gun. Don Chinjao does the same with his head​.
- Luffy´s attack crashes with Don Chinjao head that recovers his original form (the pointed form).
​- Luffy knocks down Don Chinjao and wins C block. Burguess uncovers Lucy´s identity.​

​End of chapter.​

Spoilers by Redon.