Haha. Probably outright saying I'm not meaning in a perverted way makes more of a case toward that idea than if I had simply left it alone. Eh...jest as you will lol

I just think the hat and sun dress or whatever are a very fitting look for Robin. They make her look intelligent, womanly, and dangerous all at once. The un-comfortableness with how thorough/audacious the dwarves are around her is just pure comedy for someone as seemingly dark as Robin. Hopefully it continues!

Back to more of the chapter events, does anyone else feel like they were robbed of something this chapter? Sure Oda gave an update to basically every plotline currently going on this arc, which was nice, but coming off a break, the chapter felt lacking...maybe it was the poor quality of the scans or the mediocre (cough terrible cough cough) translations that weakened the chapter for me. Even the last page with Luffy Hawk Rifling Chinjao made me feel like "Meh, so what?" It was almost as if Oda was trying too hard to give everyone a bit of what they wanted.....idk. Thoughts?