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My explanation [for Minato not being a sage] would be that Jiaiya Didn't think Minato needed it. And maybe Minato would have gone to Fukusaku himelf, if he had lived. Minato was so cool and so "perfect" that Jiaraiya and Fukusaku may have thought that he was already unbeatable as he was.
I guess you already know that if this was how Kishi explains this, it would be a bit lame. Senjutsu has many advantages as Naruto proved when he fought the third Raikage (Body gets "activated", more chakra (whatever your natural reserves), better regeneration (even if you already have Kurama's full support), better sense of your surroundings). Given that Jirayja was a sage and Minato was not, I am not really convinced that Minato was stronger than his teacher (before he absorbed Yin-Kurama).