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Thread: What if's..?!

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    What if's..?!

    What if naruto is not really Minato and Kushina's child? Tobi and Madara are aware that the child of prophecy must be stopped so they hatch a clone from the mazou (probably cloning nagato) complete with Madara's careful manipulations. Tobi sets out to konaha with a baby in kamui dimension. As he enters the birthing room and steals away Kushina's child, he swaps it with the clone that had explosive tags waiting. With everything now approaching critical mass, Madara's ultimate trump card is that he has secretly removed the real child of prophecy from the equation and the Naruto we have is actually a time bomb set to fail at the right moment.
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    Ill give it a crack:

    What if the sage of the 6 paths used the infinite T to enslave the world into the Ninja system where cycle of death's would repeat forever and he would be revered as a God? A place where the 'haves' (ninjas) walk all over, taking what they need when they need from the "Have nots" (regular people). Madara upon awakening his EMS saw this illusion and knew he had to do something about it. He tried to get Hashirama to combine the powers to break the Infinite T, but Hashirama turned his back on Madara. Madara had seen the weak spot of the technique with his sharingan and found that if he cast the same technique of equal power it would cancel and the world would be finally freed from the misery of seeing there loved ones die in battle constantly. That would make Naruto and Co. simply pawns of the sage being used to maintain the enslavement of mankind. Madara is the only one who gets it.....
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