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    Naruto 642 Discussion / 643 Predictions

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    Wow, now that is a intense ending to a chapter. I wonder what did Nartuo do? I mean it looks like just a normal rasengan, but could it be natural energy instead?

    I think that perhaps the other half of the kyuubi appearing may indicate Minato will give it to Naruto.

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    Senior Member Airicks's Avatar
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    If he cancels out ninjutsu then why don't they just get guys who can open the Eight Gates and use super taijutsu to beat him..

    idk, if there were 10 people who could open up to the 7th gate, that along with the kages seems like it would be enough.
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    Nice chapter, a bit short though.

    Finally the two halves of the nine-tails will be merged, won't be too long now.

    Interesting, Edo-tensei being not regenerated. No news on the Hashirama/Madara fight. I think they will be having a climax while Naruto will receive the other half from Minato.

    Looks like Senjutsu has a big role to play here, I still hope we get to see more about the fight of the SO6P to get a better understanding of all things. Makes me wonder how Sasuke will be useful from now on.

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    It seems like natural energy is the only thing that is able to harm Obito. I am still a bit confused about how he cancelled out the EntonRasenshuriken but it seems that his technique can not only consume other techniques but nullify them entirely. Considering it even cancelled out the healing ability of the Edo Tensei, its hard to see how the allied will be able to get out of this. Naruto was able to land one hit but with Obito's durability and healing abilities I highly doubt that will do much to damage him. Naruto is going to need to do a lot better than just a Rasengan. I suspect that he will need to use the full power of the Kyuubi, including the Yin half combined with Natural energy to create a Sage mode infused bijuu bomb or something. We already saw hints that Naruto can combine Sage mode with the Kyuubi's power so that seems like the most logical option.

    I am wondering though, is the 3rd Hokage dead now, because he was already hit by Obito's black liquid attack? It is getting really hard to tell what attacks Obito is using because they are all just black blobs and shapes. Obito hit Minato with the staff, so maybe it is only the staff that Edo Tensei can't recover from but its hard to tell.

    Anyway, I think it is becoming more and more clear that Sage mode is the key to defeating Obito and it is Sage mode that the major villains seem to lack (aside from Kabuto).

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    Forgotten Angel sevencold19's Avatar
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    awesome chapter but something is wierd last chapter minato have recover his arm. and in the next page the arm is gone again.
    Finally naruto form a rasegan without a clone help.
    So the 3 hokage is really dead u know he got hit in the head with that black thing.
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    I think both arms being drawn of Minato in chapter 421 is a slip-up. A nasty one, but its a slip up for sure.

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    THAT was the most interesting release in weeks, something of note actually fucking happened and man was it awesome. Gamakichi has proven to be the key in this battle despite all the high ranking shinobi present, ironic. Another note is the analytical genius of the 2nd Hokage, he's already proven he's far more intelligent than anyone we've seen in this manga outside Itachi and Shikamaru, he never misses a single detail. What's more, Obito is not only erasing ninjutsu, he's cancelling it's effects, which is truly problematic for Madara, which explains his extreme unease.

    The fact that Naruto nailed Obito outside any special cloaked mode with a run of the mill Rasengan adds a lot more impact to that scene. We've seen a lot of overblown fancy shit but he nailed him, truly delivered a blow with something that seems outdated at this point.

    The true gem here though? The sentient dark half of the Kyuubi dwelling within Minato and we'll finally see it reunited with the portion in Naruto, which should prove to be a damn overload of chakra. Beautiful chapter.

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    - Okay so when he hit Minato's arm a few chapters back it was with the staff weapon not the black balls. This is AFTER HE GAINED FULL CONTROL.

    - The arm was erased after the 2nd jumped to Obito with the exploding ball. This would not apply to the 3rd.

    - Back when Obito was in his imperfect stage he used the same attack on the 1st Hokages Clone & the Edo Tensei 2nd as he did on the 3rd. It's clear the 1st was a clone but the 2nd appeared to be the real Edo tensei and he regenerated.

    So I guess the conclusion is the imperfect Obito-jinchuuriki mode "black matter" severely damaged the Edo tensei but allowed them to regenerate. The perfect Obito-God form "black matter" erases things and cancels jutsu so even Edo tensei's can't regenerate.
    In that regard the 3rd should be able to come back next chapter considering the 2nd was damaged first and probably regenerated in order 1st.

    642 Chapter Notes:

    - Obito recalled the black balls to erase the Jutsu around him which he suspended in the air with his Rinnegan like Shinra tensei

    - lol Naruo fail the 2nd makes even the 4th seem slow

    - Nice ending I think Naruto will learn to combine his sage mode with Kyuubi to gain an advantage.

    - No wonder Madara had to stop Hashirama with his sage mode Mokutan he would give Obito a hard time.

    - I knew sage mode was going to reemerge...I wonder if Orochimaru can use Snake Sage mode now he has a Zetsu body

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    I guess he can't use a portion of the Yang(or was it Yin?)Kyubi Chakra to mix into Sage Mode, since it is in itself unbalanced, but with the whole Kyubi, it should be possible.

    ...Naruto should have used Senjutsu: Futon Rasenshuriken, instead of a normal Senjutsu: Rasengan...

    Does this mean that Sasuke will have to absorb Jyuogo's body, in order to enter CS2 or 3 ? Or will Orochimaru aid him with this instead ?

    Looks like Madara was really trying to copy or absorb Hashirama's Sage Mode ?

    Am I the only one that has a feeling that Orochimaru is currently modifying Hiruzen's ET, so that he could be in his prime like Madara (he does have the Hashirama Cells and Kabuto's knowledge to do it) ?

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