I was about to forward a "Theory of Everything Bleach" thread when I noticed we don't seem to have a Bleach theory section.

What I now hope to do is to try, with help from other BleachTards, to forward theories that would Anticipate Kubo's Explanation and make sense of the past and future of Bleach.

Here are the Main Points:

1) The Soul King:

Why did he leave SS
What are his Powers and Is he even Capable of Movement?

2) The Shihoin Clan

What is their Remarkable role in SS, seeing as Yoruichi can move around as she pleases, and stopped being a Captain on a whim. What is Yoruichi's connection to the SK.

3) Yoruichi and Urahara Seem to be underground agents for Zero division and the SK.

4) Ichigo seems to have been carefully selected and guided by fate (or is that another word for The Soul King?). It is very likely that he will play a role in the final disposition of the Seireitiei. What are your guesses as to what Ichigo's final role will be after Juha Bach is defeated?

Well, Once Kubo comes back from his Sabatical, he'll no doubt begin answering some of these questions. If there's to be any fun, we should outguess him (correctly).

At the End of Bleach, I'll make a Last thread to Highlight and Score all the correct guesses. This will be an enduring tribute to the most brilliant Bleach Fans EVER (GUAH HAH HAH HAHAHA!)