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    The Mangashare Logo

    Hey errbody!

    It's been a couple of years and although my return isn't nearly as flamboyant as I was hoping it to be, I stumbled upon this curious car-related company-type thing called NEXTMOD and had to come back and ask about it.

    Perhaps I haven't been here for too long and am not aware of what's going on, but how come they have the mangashare logo? What's going on


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    ...there are a few possibilities:
    a) it's a rip off, the question remains from whom (by the site or by the shirt producer) ?
    b) they have permission from the one that designed the logo (might be getting some cash for this or actually is the same person) ?
    c) coincidence (people with absolute no contact with each other, perhaps inspired by the same or similar thing, made the exact same thing, this does actually happen, but it is highly unlikely) ?

    Anyway, does mangashare even have it's own shirts ? Is the mangashare logo even copyright protected ? Does the author know about it, if not, can he/she prove that it is her/his design ?

    BTW, I was expecting some propositions for a new logo or something along those lines when I first noticed this thread, but this ? I wonder how it will turn out, plus this forum might end up needing to change it's logo... depending on how things are going to turn about.

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    I seen this logo on youtube anime videos. Don't know who used it first though.

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