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Great chapter indeed! Hope we get the actual detonation of Naruto's jutsu this time; if it doesn't, then his contribution to that combo will have meant nothing.

Umm...Was that 4th Hokage surrounded by Obito's ring of Bijuu bombs at the end there?! That's not going to end well.
Yes It was, BUT it Should be Okay.

Yondaime swapped places with Obito and Tobirama who had both been standing surrounded by the black bb spheres. So Yondaime is now standing surrounded. I don't believe the spheres had been targeted yet.

Even if they were targeted, Both Minato and Tobirama are Edo Tenseis, that is the meaning of what Tobirama said in bottom left panel, page 12. (mangastream)

Tobirama expects both he and Obito to be destroyed, but as an Edo Tensei, he'll just reformulate later.