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    Hashirama Senju's death

    I just want to know what people think did in the one known as a god amongst shinobi. Obviously he died at a young age because when Tobirama became the 2nd he still looked pretty young. So my question is did Hashirama die and if so how, or did he decide to go on like a pilgrimage after he killed his best friend and left the village in his brothers hands. We know Tobirama died during one of the great wars and left the village to the 3rd. But I am very curious as to what happened to Hashirama because he still looks to be at a very young age with the Edo Tensai (which we know brings you back to the point of where you died, if not then why wouldn't the 3rd be made young again too?)

    edit: I completely forgot about Madara being made young and his body changed so the 1st could of been made young again too

    I am not sure if there has been a topic on this, if so go ahead and delete this thread mods
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