Hmmmmm, looks like Obito won't be the last boss, after all, only a "hero" can power up through guts and power of love, not the last boss . I'm starting to wonder if perhaps So6p hadn't done the same, you know, rather than owning Jyubi with power and technique, he suppressed it with his will power alone and only after sealing it, started studying and discovering things (he is implied to be like Naruto). Perhaps it will remain as a final motto, that will power is the most important thing (at least it was like that until that destiny thing and prophecies popped out, completely diminishing the value of will power, when it turned out that everything was destined and set in stone... almost ).

Looks like Madara's fan isn't So6p's staff after all (I wonder who made it then ?).

Since So6p's staff and necklace were revealed to be part of transformation or jutsu, then about his sword ? Was it also a special jutsu (like Sasuke's Kagetsuci Sword ?) ? Or only a special item, since he has a scabbard on his back ?:

Then again, it's possible that Obito merely took the form of So6p that he himself imagined, or took from bijuu's memories , in order to show that he himself is now like So6p.