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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I can't remember a Night Clan in Bleach, help please?
    This is a standard name for the creatures of the night, that in most story appear as once rulers (though I have to wonder what were those black monsters in Ulq's flashback, since it seems that Ulq is actually a Hollow of those creatures rather than Humans ?).

    Quote Originally Posted by SquadZero View Post
    I would have to do murder if any hint of vampire vs werewolf rears its head in this manga. That is all.
    Well, Komamura himself looks like a Werewolf from legends, but of course he is not one, what I meant is perhaps that they were the source for those legends, rather than being like in the legends (Quincy did operate mainly in Europe basing on that language they use for their techniques).

    The existence of a clan like the Dog Clan/line (and possible the Shihoin clan also), rises the likelihood of a clan/line of Bat-like creatures also existing.

    Let's not forget that Quincy are only one of the many Magic Hunters. Quincy specialized in hunting Hollows, then you have to wonder, what were the others hunting ?

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    Sorry for the bump guys, its just that Im unsure, when will Bleach come back again? was it the next week? cause I dont remember ^^;

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    It's a 6-week break.

    From Mangastream's site:
    "After this weeks issue, Bleach will be on hiatus from Jump 35-40. Starting from jump 41 (09/09), the last arc "1000 years Blood Ward Arc - The Separation Story" will start."
    So scans will probably start again around the Wednesday before 09/09.

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    IS this the week of Bleach's return or is it next week?

    Six weeks have passed since the last release (July 17th), and it will be 7 weeks on Wed. the 4th of September, by my count.

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