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Meh, regardless what Kubo says, I still don't believe this will be the last arc for Bleach. We all know how Kubo loves to troll... it will come down to whether or not he comes up with any new/cool ideas for other characters to create, as everyone knows that's what really drives his manga. Selfishly I wouldn't mind him playing around with the universe a bit more, especially the hell zone with all the true baddies in it. Even if this is it for Ichigo and friends, I think it'd be cool to shift focus on to new characters and do some new stuff, I just think the IP is that good. That, more then anything is why I like the manga so much.

But anyway, I do agree I think we are in for a flashback arc.
So you are saying that Ichigo getting an apprentice that was already hinted at the beginning of this arc, as an example of the story shifting to other characters ?

I wouldn't mind a few more side stories of Bleach.

So, Ishin was given a free pass to SS, plus has has 2 additional ones (for Ryuken for example ), oh yeah now we are talking ;D.

Chad and Inoue are training ?

So are Uryu, Bach and Hashvalth the only ones that came to SS with their castle, while the rest of the Quincy take care of the Shinigami that were send to HM (the only remaining ones seem to be the one that were outside seireitei)?