Can anyone confirm that "1000 year Blood WARD" is a correct translation?

When they say WARD, does that mean "someone being cared for in place of some other person", or was the letter "D" an error and this should have read WAR?

If the word is "WARD", then who is the WARD, Juha Bach? Is Juha Bach really a Royalty as he is being called 'Your Excellency" or Majesty or whatever the Quincies called him?

If he is a WARD, who's ward is he, the SOul King? Is this (Guessing) the reason CCYG could not kill him? IS the SOUL king now looking at Ichigo as the Replacement and Counter to Juha Bach?

We won;t know the answers for a long time, 5 chapters is a long time to wait, and even then revelations may come out really slowly.