I've been gone on holiday.. but this chapter, hahah.. kishi, how do you mean " DBZ "

- So,.. like I've said, Obito is just a filler. This chapter isnt only for Sasuke/Naruto to analyze, but also for us, the readers.. for knowing what a Juubi's Jinchirikuu is able to perform.

1. Madara knows that Obito isn't strong to handle this transformation.. so he approached Hashirama by knowing that Obito WILL FAIL ( like always
2. DAMN ´ LOVED that evil look of Sasuke in the end.. and just when he was " the one who cut away my past, IS ME ", Juobito was like: " SHUT THE F*CK UP ", priceless!!

These last chapters, I've been loving Madara Uchiha more and more.. his posture, his way of talking and his calm presence.. that dude is truelly, the best last villain that Naruto Manga is going to get, mark my words.

Remember those first stages of Buu's transformations?? Put that all together, that's what Juobito is right now.. showing a little bit of what a Juubi Jinchirkuu is able to do. AND NOW, imagine when Madara becomes the Jinchirikuu later on, WHAAT the FCK!~

- Meteors flying around, Madara traveling underground like its nothing, shinra tensei's, BLACK DUST 4 element stuff, MULTI Susanoo's on the battlefield, dude.. this is going to be sooooo epic!

Now, Naruto needs his presence ( Yin part ) and he will get his Sage- Rikudou Mode and on top of that; those spiritual energies of those bijuu's... Sasuke is all like: nobody kills Naruto, but me ( Vegeta style ), but when he witnesses those powers ups of Naruto, Sasuke is going to be 2d. place Th0ugh he will help Naruto with a combo attack.

**** What or who can save Obito out of his trance? Nothing.. Juubi's power will eventually consume his body/mind, OR Madara will bring RIN into the picture with Edo Tensei. But to be honest; even then, Obito seems to be LOST.