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You know its going to be an exciting chapter when it starts off with a little girl cooking !

- lol but actually it was better than I expected and gave us a nice cross section of whats going on.

- So that Zero squad lady designs new clothes that allow them to better channel their powers I think. Just as Ichigo's power has always been reflected by his clothes.

- That bald guy also was using special spiritual weight training similar to Gravity training in DBZ. This also means Ichigo should be headed to that lady to get new clothes but he will probably meet up with Byaku and they will train together in Baldies place.

- So the next wave of special powers will be Ichigo, Kenpachi, Byaku, Renji & Rukia
I hope Ichigo is not fitted with new Clothes. Ichigo's "Clothes" have always been part of his personal Reishi/Reiatsu. They recover/repair with his Reiatsu.

I doubt the Lady would be able to force Ichigo to take off his underpants. LOL, She and What Army?

I wonder what Shinji is really asking Hyori to go and fix, could it have something to do with the method the Quincies use to access SS? Does saying Goodbye to Ichigo mean that access to the Real World from SS would be Sealed? If so Isshin would have something to say about it.

Aside: I was hoping That Ichigo's boss, Ikumi Unagiya would be a relative (agent) of Isshin. She seems to care way too much to be a random boss.

I doubt Ichigo is going to be asked to Join Sqaud Zero for a while yet, they need his power to fight for now.