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100% guaranteed we'll see its final form... it's just a matter of when. Maybe it'll continue to gather power while sealed within Obito, and will eventually transform.
One of the questions heretofore unanswered is to whether the Juubi actually has a More Than Rudimentary mind/intelligence.

This question becomes more pertinent if the Juubi is like the other Bijuus in that A Jinchuuriki needs to befriend the Creature in order to be able to use its power maximally.

Even with Hashirama's cells, Neither Obito nor Madara have the SO6P's strength, and if the Juubi is drawing from their chakra when they draw on its own, it could potentially lead to problems.

Another consideration is that the Bijuus inside the Juubi still retain some levels of individual consciousness, I wonder if Madara realized that this would happen or not. Madara probably never planned for the 8Tails and 9Tails to remain free, and he probably felt that the Bijuus, even if conscious, are powerless to free themselves. Unfortunately for Obito and Madara, I think that Naruto is going to use the Kyuubi (Kyuubi Nii Sama) power and influence to suck the 7 Entrapped Bijuus into Naruto.

Remember the Chakra struggle where Naruto stripped the Kyuubi's Chakra from it, and Remember when Edo Nagato was sucking out Naruto's soul and Bee told him to pull back and resist just as he did against the Kuubi? I do believe that Kishimoto is going to re-enact this scene vs the Juubi. Right as of now, Naruto needs to regain the Kyuubi's Yin, and with the Yin, Naruto will somehow enter a Chakra sucking battle versus the Juubi.

In the end, it is not too difficult that this very method is how the SO6P stripped the Juubi's chakra after an internal chakra struggle (as the Juubi's Jinchuuriki) in the first place.