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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    ^ Hashirama's Wood Sucker could help, but I'm not sure if he can absorb Natural Energy. On the other hand there is Madara and his Rinnegan, which can suck NE.

    There is also the mind switch and control that might be helpful.

    There is Naruto that might be able to draw out the NE from Obito and then perhaps channel it back to nature ?

    There is Oro or Kabuto that might jump out with Hashirama blockers, although it seems that Obito's Hashirama cells have heavily mutated so it might not work any longer.

    There is Madara's Trump Card.

    From the looks of it, none of the barrier or banding jutsu will work, still Garaa's sand might hinder his movement enough.

    There over 10 Kage-level ninja that might do something.

    There is Onoki and if he were to be power upped by Naruto-Kurama, then he might have enough force to own Obito, unless he is still capable of fully utilizing his eye jutsu.

    There are others, but really, Madara x Hashirama + Sasuke x Naruto might actually prove enough.
    Forgot about that. So is Obito right now the most powerful character in Narutoverse?

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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenixMarco View Post
    Forgot about that. So is Obito right now the most powerful character in Narutoverse?
    Well if not the only one stronger is Madara. If we look at it mathematically... right now Obito is stronger than Hashirama, and Hashirama was about the same level as Madara back when he was alive, but right now Madara is much more powerful then he ever was when alive. As we have already seen, Madara is currently much stronger that normal Kagi level, so its safe to say that no other character is close to his level at the moment besides the two mentioned earlier, though maybe Naruto can get there if he took Minato's half of the nine tails. So I'd say for now, until we see more of Obito fight, Obito is probably on the same level as Madara, maybe slightly more or less...I don't really know. However, once Obito manages to get the Juubi inside him to go perfect form, he should without a doubt be the most powerful character in the Narutoverse.
    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    Senior Member Zero's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenixMarco View Post
    Forgot about that. So is Obito right now the most powerful character in Narutoverse?
    The strongest shown character ? Probably.

    The strongest in Narutovrse ? Probably not, there is always So6p and Jyubi's final form to consider.

    So, it probably goes like this:
    - So6p,
    - Jyubito,
    - Jyubi Final Form,
    - Edodara,
    - Hashirama/Older son/Younger son (remember, Hashirama was in a league of his own, Madara was simply the only one strong enough to battle him and not his equal),
    - Madara,
    - Bijuu Mode Naruto,
    - etc.

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    Scanlator POW's Avatar
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    I had feeling it might drop early today!

    - It looks like Obito's mind is overwhelmed by Jyuubi's same as a jinchuuriki that gives in to darkenss no surprise.

    - I think he will begin to loose control and the Jyuubi will run rampant soon.

    - God you goto love Kishi, Madara still has a trump card hahaha no wonder hes so relaxed !!!!

    Now we get to ponder what is Madara's trump card?

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    It would have been foolish of Madara if he did not account for Obito's recent actions.

    I just want Madara fully revived, and completely overwhelming.

    I think I'm on the wrong side of the story here. :p

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    Senior Member paulbee's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbitrary View Post
    It would have been foolish of Madara if he did not account for Obito's recent actions.

    I just want Madara fully revived, and completely overwhelming.

    I think I'm on the wrong side of the story here. :p
    I agree, I think it will be that the Juubi's body, the Geddou was rigged. Remember that the Geddou had spent decades in Madara's clutches where he had even grown a Zetsu tree from the Geddou, we don't even know completely what that Lotus thing Madara grew was for.

    Whatever Madara wants to do, he needs to do it while Obito's mind is still in a fog.

    I am surprised that Naruto could still sense the individual Bijuus inside the Juubi, Question, are they still individual even now that Obito is the Jinchuuriki? Was the SO6P's Izanagi that created the Bijuus so hard to break, I ask because I can't understand why Obito and Madara would not dissolve them into the Original Juubi's mind or mindlessness, whichever?

    I am not sure what use the Kages would be under these circumstances, unless if Obito's mind is so addled that they can confuse him with multi-directional attacks.

    Question, Is the Juubi's Jinchuuriki fundamentally different from the Other Bijuus' Jinchurikis. Normally a Jinchuuriki cannot fully use the Bijuu's power without first befriending the Bijuu, perhaps Obito 's case is different because the Juubi currently has no mind of it's own, or does it? How could it have a mind separate from the Bijuus which still possesed consciousness even as part of the Juubi?

    Question, will Edo tensei reform Tobirama's body. As someone else sadi, That was a Wood clone of Hashirama that got blown away, not the real thing.

    Hmm! so much to consider.

    I am not perfect and I defy you to prove otherwise
    Growing Old Gracefully is an Oxymoron ... Mostly Moron !

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    The French Tickler pratesh's Avatar
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    Ok, am I the only one who smell the approach BS plot line? Epic chapter, yes, but I'd hate to think that Madara will have some method that will pull one over on Obito so easily when Hashi and Co are getting crushed. IIRC the manga has always depicted Madara and Hashirama as rivals with similar power levels, so I wonder what Madara can do to screw over Obito.

    IMO it may have to do with the "unique zetsu clone" that had merged with Obito.

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    it kinda looks like jyubito chopped the edosenju similarly to the way tobirama took out izuna. can't wait to learn about madara's trump card! I hope kakashi isn't filling the kamuiverse with blood.

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    首はねスレイマン Saiges's Avatar
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    Every chapter released is dragging Naruto's plot to the abyss. Kishi is rushing things! This chapter smelled like HunterXhunters Ant king's birth.

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    Senior Member janfeae's Avatar
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    Madara is not as strong as the Juubi. The only one who was able to take on the Juubi in its Final Form was the Sage. No ninja that came after him (as of right now anyway) is strong enough to achieve the same feat. So I don't believe Madara is on par with Obito at all now. The way this was written though makes me wonder. Was he only able to absorb it because it wasn't in its final form? If that's not the case, why would the sage have needed to fight the Juubi at all?

    Unless he originally had no desire to be its Jinchuriki, and just wanted it gone or something. As its Jinchuirki though, he could make sure that it could never do harm again.

    Also, you guys know how the Bijuu's can speak through their hosts? Do you think that maybe it's the Juubi talking instead of Obito since he has no recollection of who he is?

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