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^ Hashirama's Wood Sucker could help, but I'm not sure if he can absorb Natural Energy. On the other hand there is Madara and his Rinnegan, which can suck NE.

There is also the mind switch and control that might be helpful.

There is Naruto that might be able to draw out the NE from Obito and then perhaps channel it back to nature ?

There is Oro or Kabuto that might jump out with Hashirama blockers, although it seems that Obito's Hashirama cells have heavily mutated so it might not work any longer.

There is Madara's Trump Card.

From the looks of it, none of the barrier or banding jutsu will work, still Garaa's sand might hinder his movement enough.

There over 10 Kage-level ninja that might do something.

There is Onoki and if he were to be power upped by Naruto-Kurama, then he might have enough force to own Obito, unless he is still capable of fully utilizing his eye jutsu.

There are others, but really, Madara x Hashirama + Sasuke x Naruto might actually prove enough.
Forgot about that. So is Obito right now the most powerful character in Narutoverse?