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    Asce's Loyal Minion DFX's Avatar
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    Exclamation Naruto 638 Discussion / 639 Predictions

    This is soooo early this week that I might as well post it myself...

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    Wow, did NOT expect such an early release this week. Let's see...

    Obito's new powers are pretty intense, but it seems like he doesn't recognize himself at the moment. At least he might lack the presence of mind to unleash his Moon's Eye Plan (for now).

    Madara still has a "trump card" beyond rigging Obito's body? Or perhaps Obito didn't fully break Madara's control? Whatever the case, it doesn't seem like Madara is the "main villain" of the two any more... I expected a change of heart from Obito to ultimately take down Madara, but instead Obito has surpassed Madara completely.

    Obito's "Bijuudama swords" are pretty cool! I wonder if Naruto will manage a similar feat... they're way different than anything else I've seen from a Bijuu/Jinchuuriki.

    We've still got a few more plot developments before Kishi exhausts the pieces he's put in play for us:

    1. Orochimaru / Kages need to arrive
    2. Naruto's connection to the Bijuu needs to be utilized, not just hinted at on a sensory level
    3. Naruto needs to receive the Kyuubi chakra from Minato (once their individual halves prove fruitless)

    I'm sure there are other possibilities (Guy going Eight Gates, Bee being absorbed to further the Juubi's transformation, Kakashi escaping from Kamui, the Alliance helping Obito recover his mind), but for now it's hard to predict where this fight will go, despite a few clear options being on the table.

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    Senior Member Kenny Bones's Avatar
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    The hell is this?! Wow, it's like I'm reading Claymore, Obito is a lot like Priscilla. His powers are out of this world, allthough it's interesting to see that it's like his mind isn't there right now. This means he might be redeemed somehow.

    This might lead to interesting plot development, especially Madara and what he's planning. What's his "trump card" anyway?

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    Senior Member Zero's Avatar
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    So, is Madara going to aid Hokages now ? Because from what it looks, he isn't too happy Obito became the jinchurki and he can't accept it.

    So, is the Trump Card the CS3 ? After all, Madara knows how powerful is Natural Energy from looking at Hashirama and Jyubi, it would be strange if he didn't have any way to absorb and use it now. Or perhaps the Sharingan Army, or perhaps it has something to do with that Flower that is still there in the hideout or even both ?

    Is Madara hyped to fight Obito, since he is stronger than Hashirama now ?

    Damn and here I was sure that under that matter, there would be the Jyubinegan instead of normal Sharingan.

    Obito is now quite puzzling .

    I wonder if he can still use his MS ?

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    Senior Member Temperjoke's Avatar
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    Is it just me, or does this look like Obito smashed through a Wood Clone of Hashirama?

    It would make sense that Madara would have a backup plan to handle Obito. It might actually have to do with his eye that's implanted in Obito, since that would have allowed Madara an option to handle Nagato if necessary.

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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    Well well, Impressive for only a few seconds of attacks. So I don't think he sucked the Juubi into his other dimension. That would explain a lot, but I would think Kakashi would be affected as well. Though actually, did we even see Kakashi this chapter?
    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    Would be sick if Sasuke used Izanami on Obito, but i think the battle will end with brute force.

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    Senior Member FenixMarco's Avatar
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    The Ten-tails Jin hella powerful wonder how they gonna stop Obito now. Naruto + Sasuke teamwork?

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    Senior Member Zero's Avatar
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    ^ Hashirama's Wood Sucker could help, but I'm not sure if he can absorb Natural Energy. On the other hand there is Madara and his Rinnegan, which can suck NE.

    There is also the mind switch and control that might be helpful.

    There is Naruto that might be able to draw out the NE from Obito and then perhaps channel it back to nature ?

    There is Oro or Kabuto that might jump out with Hashirama blockers, although it seems that Obito's Hashirama cells have heavily mutated so it might not work any longer.

    There is Madara's Trump Card.

    From the looks of it, none of the barrier or banding jutsu will work, still Garaa's sand might hinder his movement enough.

    There over 10 Kage-level ninja that might do something.

    There is Onoki and if he were to be power upped by Naruto-Kurama, then he might have enough force to own Obito, unless he is still capable of fully utilizing his eye jutsu.

    There are others, but really, Madara x Hashirama + Sasuke x Naruto might actually prove enough.

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