I agree with you Kuroi but theres also the part where they have to look at the screen they are scanlating and see if thats the appropriate translation of the word the character is using. I definitely know that the raws of FT don't have that much cussing in them, maybe gruff words here and there but only to express extreme emotion and even then its going to be for a elementary schools reading level. I just hate how they try to use innuendo and cliches to make a japanese manga into an american version manga. I just want a straight translate please lol no need to make it as if some thug from the streets of brooklyn wrote it. I try not to complain if they are all I have but now I just use panda solely.

Either way I don't think Ultear is done yet. I hope to see her either teaching the next generation ice make magic or maybe in a seat at the grand magic counsel, she definitely has the power for it, her past is questionable but probably all those old geezers have skeletons in their closets too