Everyone would already have noticed, but lately users can't posts any releases anymore. This is because someone is reserving the releases for it's own. Today I have tested this with the release of Bleach 544 by Mangastream. This was released today at 4:51am PDT, and I've posted it at 4:52 PDT (It happened accidentally, I've renewed the page four times in a row and it jumped up between them). It basically not possible to post it in less than a minute. But the database says it's already added, I would say it is broken, but it is noticeable that this happens only with releases with a standard release time and with that moderator active.
The only way it's possible is with posting the release before it's released (reserving it), and this would explain the suspicious 10-15 minutes delay that it's moderated.

To make things worser it's for personal gain, it's really noticeable that their is only one download link. And that your basically are forced to use the adfly link, so that this moderator can runs his bushiness. As proof I would say that he's always the first in comment section. And with the stuff that isn't mainstream, well, he let them wait and doesn't moderate them until I'm in bed. Also, why does Mangashare allow it? And how can a moderator, moderate his own posts? It's the same as not moderating it at all.

Anyway, which admin checks other users/moderators that they don't break the rules?
Check the fifth rule of the general rules, please. http://www.mangashare.com/forums/thr...ated-08-12-09)
I consider that everyone can read English.

A small notice, that reader link that is generally used is only decoration, you won't wait until the release is added on Mangashare for reading it. Everyone that is at least a bit smart would just open the reader page and waits until it pops up.