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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Well, the first page says "...and one day, you will all become one...":

    then goes this:

    It's hard to say for certain what So6p meant. Is it that one day they will become one (like now what happens) and after that will again be split into new forms and be lead the right path ? Or that one day they will become a new one and then be lead the right path ?

    From what I can tell, Kishi was always trying to make whatever it is associated with So6p into at least two possibilities, like the tablet, where it can be interpreted as: " having two opposite forces cooperate... we can achieve true happiness", or "..." well Madara didn't say but it probably was about fusing them and then reaching for total domination, or something:
    Sorry, if my image link didn't work before, I fixed it.

    I believe SO6p is saying that someone (Naruto) will lead the Bijuus down the right path. It's important that the Bijuus themselves seem to think that that is what he was saying.

    Look at the expression on Naruto's face after Yonbi Shared his chakra, it didn't look like someone receiving a power-up, more like a happy gift.


    When you take the Yonbi's belief that Naruto is the one referred to in the SO6P's prophesy, it becomes almost unavoidable to believe that Naruto will become Jinchuuriki of the Juubi, or he that will re-birth them to once again become individuals, using the spark of the chakra they gave Naruto along with their names.

    It is quite possible that the Chakra inside Naruto from the Bijuus, plus their names, is even now incubating a new batch of bijuus.

    In this scenario we could end up with

    a) Juubi jinchuuriki vs Juubi v 2 jinchuuriki., or

    b) A way to redeem the bijuus from the juubi's chakra after the juubi is defeated, if their personalities are completely erased inside the Juubi.

    These are just guesses hopefully not too wild ones.
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