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    Quote Originally Posted by thebulk View Post
    What a badass obito. Playing madara n in a way the 4th for the fool. Though im surprised minato didn't realise it was obito right away when he sensed the marking was on his body.
    Minato knew it was the guy he fought, but since he didn't know that the guy was Obito.... He only knows it now that he was right up close to him, and looking at him.

    As I expected, Obito is not that weak. He never intended to kill Kakashi, just to convert him through despair/hopelessness, If Obito had really wanted to kill Kakashi, he'd have used his Mokuton.

    So now, If Obito can truly/really control the Juubi's power as its Jinchuuriki, then He'll end up fighting everyone, by himself (Except Madara who will probably just relax and watch the show).

    Obito doesn't care about anything else besides his Moon's Eye Plan, he'll even leave everybody alive and unhurt, if they don't interfere with his Obsession.
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