OK, I think we might get this thing moving right ? The idea is obviously interesting and I see that people would come in if not for the lectures then for the fun unleast. So Im taking the liberty to make a step forward ..

First things first, Sig Workshop needs unleast 4-6 teachers who have made more then 20-30 sigs with an apropriate quality. So, we need to find these people right ? All I can do is ask the few I know around this forum, e.g. ChukoLiang, Ravona, Imoto, Jaiden, DFX, Cross and Aribelle, plus me :3 Of those Im sure they are experienced enough for this shit Know somebody else ? Let him know !!!
*sending PMs*

Now, we can all think about whats the next step while they get theyre asses over here My idea is to gather on IRC and chat away the ideas. For that we need to gather on this thread first and decide on a perfect time when all of us will be available.

My other idea was to create a new section, if thats not overdoinf it :3 Either way the workshop needs some space on the forum to "work" well. One thread is NOT gonna cut it !!! If we are pulling this shit then I say lets do it in style !!! Yeah baby, with posters, banners and a glass of wine near each of our laptops or PCs ! So anyway, thinking ahead, if we "employ" some teachers then its obvious that we gonna need to create a method of lectures and stuff right ? Im sure we can think of something, but my base idea is first of all that the teachers present theyre tuts in each of theyre threads. Think of it as "scripts" necesery for learning.
As we know, people are lazy. Having "script" alone isnt gonna cut it bcs they gonna get bored with that right ? Just like us in school, who would learn anything if our teachers just gave us books for home study with no lessons to back up the studying ? However, as for the lessons, have no idea. Live chat ? Anyway, this just proves we need to gather somewhere on a chat room and discuss away.
Last thing, for something like this we need an approval from mods so .. mods .. whats it gonna be ? A [GO] , a [STOP] , or a undecided [WAIT] ?