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I respectfully disagree 10000000000% !

That "side story bullshit" is what makes one piece special. Its smart and intelligent writing and more importantly its creative. Its good. much better than the shallow stories and lame cookie cutter fodder from bleach and the countless rasengans and eye techniques from Naruto. Nartuo and Bleach can't do deep side plots to save there lives. not to mention Oda's amazing side characters who are well drawn and interesting. This is far from a "weak ass year" . If you don't like it that's your opinion and that's fine, just like its mine that i enjoy it. But don't jsut write it off as week or bad when its really technically and actually not.
No it isn't, every manga does this. It's Oda's way of developing these side stories that makes one piece better. It would be fine if we didn't have these ridiculous breaks that Oda's been taking for the past 2 years, but that's not the case. Compared to regular OP standards this is a weak ass year, too many fucking breaks and not enough development. Bleach has completely shit on OP thus far, and this is coming from someone who couldn't even read bleach 2-3 years ago be of the half assed way Kubo approached his manga. You're telling me that it's fine to have my own opinion and then follow that statement by telling me not to write one piece off; how contradictory can you be? ��

Until everything comes together and the real action begins to start, I won't be a fan of this arc just like I wasn't a fan of the fishman island arc or the punk hazard arc. This arc should end up being just fine though since it can be compared to the alabasta arc where everyone started showing off their new powers and techniques.