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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    No, they are dead, especially Bach, since humans don't live that long. The spirits also have bodies, blood, hearts and other organs, you know (in the FKT arc, Matsumoto lost a kidney for example). They also have mortal diseases (like Byakuya's wife). They also probably also have death from old age (technically the body becomes too weak to survive), since they obviously get older (although very slow).

    When Bach said that Uryu is the last living Quincy in the world, he might have meant the HM/Vandereich Empire, without counting the Living/Human World, or perhaps they really aren't true Quincy ?
    See this is one of the things that confuses me about this arc. The whole point of quincies were that they were HUMAN and MORTAL. They weren't spirits, they weren't their own catagory of spiritual power like shinigamies and hollows. They were people who developed spiritual powers like Don Kanoji. In my mind, if they(vandenreich) really are spiritual beings they really aren't true quincy--they're something new. It's not just a power set that makes a quincy, they also have to be human and mortal. Which maybe is really what Bach is getting at here and makes Ishida special. Maybe his humanity will give him some kind of edge?
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