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    Obito's body being rigged is a nice twist... so much for the unsteady dynamic between him and Madara. He really was nothing more than a tool from the get go.

    I wonder what state Madara will be in once he's revived. If his current level of power is beyond his prime due to Kabuto's enhancements, does that include his apparent youth? Will Madara be revived with all the powers of his Edo form, barring regeneration/infinite chakra, or will Madara be an old man again?

    And what about the Juubi... I expected it to transform again before anyone attempted to become its Jinchuuriki. Obito's dying state really sped things up. I honestly didn't expect Kakashi to land the killing blow so easily / quickly. Guess we'll never see Obito make good use of his Mokuton/Rinnegan in battle. Maybe he showcased the height of his powers.

    Can't wait to see the next chapter! All of the side plots are coming together at the main battlefield again, and we're done with the Konoha Rookie filler and the slaughtering of Juubi spawn. It's been a pretty slow few weeks since the Hokages arrived, but the last two chapters have finally got us caught up, and shit's about to hit the fan.
    Oh, I don't know about that. After all, if Obito's own body was booby trapped by Madara, Sasuke's own EMS should have also been booby trapped, this time by Obito. Obito did see and know how the black rods work, I think that is the real reason why he wanted to obtain Sasuke, as an insurance in case Madara tried to trick him.

    Probably in what he was at the last battle against Hashirama. After all, Hashirama is sure that he killed him, so it really might be a half-truth.

    Well, Obito wanted to become it's jinchurki in the form it is now, but Kakashi jumped out and Obito had to take care of him... oh right, it seems that Yahiko Pain is stronger than Obito, or perhaps Obito was tried from battling this whole day and night ? Of course it could also be explained that Kakashi is simply the worst enemy Obito could have get.

    Madara becoming Jyubi's jinchurki might be a good reason why the alliance will need over 10 Kage-Level Nninjas .

    Oh right, I forgot to mention how surprising it is, that this story follows what happened in the latest Narutomovie:
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