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I see a lot of people are complaining on other forums and on youtube, that it's dissapointing that Kakashi took down Obito. When it took Naruto, Killer Bee, Kakashi and Guy to even break his mask. As well as Tobi being the leader of Akatsuki.

I don't think their seeing the whole picture. Tobi was so powerful because of his kamui phasing ability. Which he can't use in the other dimension, or am I wrong about that? In any case, Kakashi must have been Obito's worst opponent to face.
This is pretty much it he cant use his can't-hit-me-no jutsu in that dimension as that is where he sends his body parts to avoid damage. Thus he is grounded to his base abilties there which puts him on even footing with Kakashi.

Tobi utilized the Rinnegans 6 paths with Edo former Jinchuuriki + Bijuu power to take on KB, Naruto , Kakashi & Gai that's a lot of power.

Obito is on the same level as Kakashi with aslight boost because he has Zetsu/Hashrima power thus can spam his MS.