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I think that if in the end it's true that the black zetsu part some how manipulated Obito's mind from the beginning, it would make it more clear that Madara is the one true source of evil in the ninja world. If you think about it, Orochimaru was just after knowledge of jutsu, and sasuke just wanted to protect Itachi/Uchiha clan.

Also, Paulbee, i was going to ask you if this was stated in a previous chapter of how exactly Madara would become the Jinnchuriki? If it used to take Akatsuki 3 days to seal a beast inside the Gedo Mazo, how could Madara execute it quick enough as to not leave him open for an attack?
No it was not stated as far as I recall, HOWEVER, remember that Madara Had spent years planning for all this stuff. He even prepared a Hashirama clone (presumably for himself), and He was linked to the Mazou (Juubi's inactive body) for decades. My guess is that Madara has the Jinchuuriki part all worked out and ready to go, the only thing he needed was for a Sucker (Obito) to perform Rinne Tensei.