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    In my reference to Gildarts I didn't mean someone of Gildarts level could kill a Dragon I just said Acnologia was probably already at that level when he was a human and when he learned dragon slayer magic that gave him the power to actually kill dragons.

    Of course Gildarts would have no effect on a Dragon but the interesting thing is he actually saw Acnologia's true power, meaning he either pissed Acnologia off or forced him to go serious, but the way Gildarts tells that story it sounds like Acnologia rapped him before he even had a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Technically speaking, when F.Rogue changed the future from Acnologia World Master ---> 10 000 Dragon Rulers, he himself didn't change into the version of Rogue from the 10,000 Dragon Rulers, but have created a separate timeline and thus remained as F.Rogue of the Acnologia World Master version, thus it's likely that the same will happen now. In other words, what is dead will stay dead, as well as, people should die when they are killed (it was such an awesome line some time ago ).

    Then agian, the timeline in Rave seemed to be quite linear, but in FT, Mashima already have shown that there are at least 2 known timelines and what Jellal's aim is to get to a third, new best one, rather than to the original like Ultear wanted.

    If time was to be linear, then F.Lucy from 10,000 Dragon world and F.Rogue from Acnologia world, wouldn't be able to exist at the same time, unless they have come from separate timelines.
    The only thing is that every event so far seems to stem from the Gate and it being opened, that must be the point of the divides in the time lines. So if we go to the point where everything splits and change it then all the other timelines will cease to exist because there were do deviations from that plan of not opening the door, thus everyone on the same page and no one needing the power to destroy 10000 dragons. Idk what to do about acnologia but I think the interruption in this time line will help everyone train or figure out a way to stop it without being caught off guard, which is what it sounds like what happened in F Rogue's time
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