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Zero, If Hichigo had taken over, Ichigo would have turned into a hollow Flat Out, and this had happened to other Shinigami who didn't benefit from Urahara's treatment, we also saw/heard the same from the Vizards.

What i am saying is that Hichigo did not consider Ichigo himself and only wanted to control it's own fate even if it meant that Ichigo became a Hollow and essentially "die" or be put to death. I am not even sure that Hichigo has really accepted ichigo, it Has accepted that Ichigo is the Boss, but that is not the same as accepting him as a person. At the same time, it's fair to say that OMZ came to accept Ichigo as a person, and stopped trying to treat/use him as a tool all by himself.
Well, Whitey was always different from those Hollows in Vizards. OMZ mentions the time that Ichigo turned full Hollow (against Ulq), as one of the times that Whitey came to Ichigo's rescue. Plus at the end, he returned Ichigo to normal, even though, he could have recovered only his external injuries without closing the hole, thus remaining as the one in control, yet he didn't do it.

Also, what's interesting, Ishin mentions that acquiring the Hollow Mask as one of the points that Ichigo draw out techniques from his Zanpakutou by force (in the tunnel). Yeah, looks like Ichigo was seriously the only one that didn't know.