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Part of me wonders if Sasuke learned Edo Tensei from Itachi/Kabuto. I half expect to see him use it to "revive his clan" like he always said he would (possibly after gaining access to Obito's store of Sharingan).
I believe The Uchiha will be revived, but not as Edo's and not by Sasuke. Naruto will have a final fight over: 1) Who will be the next Hokage, 2) Whether the Older son's philosophy or the Younger Son's will rule the day.

Sasuke will lose to Naruto, BUT he won't leave malcontentedly like Madara did, because Naruto will Revive The Uchiha Clan and Itachi (hope), This revival will soothe Sasuke and pay him back in full for his Sorrows and anger. It fits because Sasuke has always demanded the lives of his family back.

his act of full revival will close the circle of Hatred and reunite the two halves of the SO6P,. When this happens, I wish for the past Hokages (and espescially Hashirama and Madara) to be witnesses to it.

Of course, to be able to revive so many and not die will be the issue. Maybe Naruto's new powerup, or a portion of The Jubi's Life force (since it is the progenitor) will be enough.