Here is your one-stop thread for discussion and speculation about the Akatsuki Leader. If you have a new theory feel free to post it in a separate thread; otherwise post in here.

Point 1: The leader is transparent, like a GHOST
Point 2: Spikey hair
Point 3: Mention of Hades (used as name of underworld, but also name of the god of death)
Point 4: Teleportation like jutsu (summoned other members, though they may not have been completely physically there)

See what I'm getting at? The leader of Akatsuki could be Yondaime. I really don't like the idea of the 4th, who has always only been presented as a hero being maybe the main villian, but what a twist it could be. Who knows what happened when he sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto. No one knows how he did it. The death god is a jutsu he invented anyway.

Possible reasons he's evil: His soul is partly mixed with Kyuubi's, and what's going on is Kyuubi's will. It was always said that the reason for the death god jutsu used on kyuubi wasn't normal because Kyuubi was too powerful, and it's said that when the user of the justsu and the victim are swallowed together and battle for eternity, so it's possible their spirits are combines, but Naruto has part of Kyuubi in him in an attempt to contain at least most of it... something like that.

Possible objective: Be resurrected, or simply because he's evil and wants to be more powerful.

What we can maybe expect: Based on this, how may the story go? If this crazy theory is right, I could see a dramatic scene where Naruto comes face to face with his father (the whole father theory), and it's this father son relationship that helps Yondaime (whatever is left of him in spirit, or whatever) overcome the will of Kyuubi.

Um, that's about all I got right now. It's just hard to believe that Kishi would turn the 4th into the villian, in a sense, though maybe that's what he's going for: unpredictablility, surprise, etc.