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    I think Juugo is there because of Kimimaro's wish. I believe he will follow Sasuke anywhere, and obey him unquestionably. Not saying he doesn't have a role to play, but I don't think that was the primary reason.

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    All teams are on the top of their games now, and they need to be if they want to make a dent in the little Juubi's

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    Ok so nuff fanservice. We get that they are the new Sennin, but it was also been established that they have succeeded the previous Sennin, so why go there? IMO, it just looks to corny and cheap. I'm sure there is some purpose, but the execution could've been different from the old Sennin trio. Wonder what Oro will think of Manda 2. Honestly, even tho Oro is back and Kabuto was probably redeemed, I feel bad for Kabuto. He got robbed bad, and I only hope he keeps some variant of his Sage mode.

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